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Pipeline to Success Project

We have a real ‘boots on the ground’ philosophy and we tailor each of our services to truly focus on growing local capacity and capability in the communities we work in.  Most of our programs are at a grass roots level, introducing long term unemployed Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people to the world of work.


Our mentoring program is our secret and is a result of years of accumulated knowledge and experience in developing results and outcome focussed mentoring strategies.

In 2018, Saltbush started working with leading energy infrastructure company, Jemena who was building the Northern Gas Pipeline – which spans 622km from Tennant Creek, Northern Territory to Mount Isa, Queensland – and wanted to recruit local workers from that area.


As part of Jemena’s ‘Locals First’ approach, Saltbush’s team of workforce mentors helped recruit 12 enthusiastic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobseekers and support them firstly through a training program and then into employment, all the while navigating the significant challenges they faced in entering the workforce.

Jemena saw firsthand how vital the practice of mentoring was throughout this transformative journey and they asked if there was any way they could better support us in this work.


We suggested we collaborate on a new initiative, the Pipeline to Success Project, to formalise the training to be a workforce mentor and they were so happy to be able to commit to investing in designing standardised training utilising the Australian VET system. 


We then engaged Deb Carr, an experienced Instructional Designer from ‘Think About Learning’ to design the course and after comprehensive consultation with a myriad of interested stakeholders, was able to apply for accreditation through ASQA, the training registering body.  Once final approval is granted, Karen Sheldon Training will co-own the course and deliver the six (6) month training and assessment program.


We are grateful to Jemena for giving us such an amazing opportunity as this project has resulted in Saltbush being able to convert 12 years of organisational knowledge into an accredited course and train many more Aboriginal Workforce Mentors for a dramatically greater impact. 

The Theory of Change shown below is a visual representation of how we think this course can empower Aboriginal Workforce Mentors to effect change, not only with the new employees entering the workforce but also with employers welcoming them.

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