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Saltbush commenced delivering the Pathways to Success program as part of the NT Government's Back on Track initiative in 2019.   Pathways to Success Back on Track is a program for 8-17 year olds, that delivers consequences for anti-social and criminal behaviour and provides alternative diversion pathways, including vocational training and employment options for youth aged 14-17 years, and an emphasis on building family capacity and responsibility for youth aged 8-13 years, with a goal to re-engaging youth with mainstream education.

The Program is delivered through a holistic service co-ordination model that links through specific Program Elements dependant on the young person’s individual needs.

The Program’s key outcome is getting young people back on track and taking responsibility for their actions through an understanding of the consequences of their offending behaviour.  It will also requires that young people give back to the community to repair the harm they have caused through their offending behaviour, while at the same time equipping them with the skills to move forward and lead productive lives.

Saltbush delivers elements of the program in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek and provides mentoring, case management, and training for young people with a strong focus on self-determination, capacity building, pre-employment and employment skills.

Saltbush aims to empower our young participants to make positive life choices including a sense of self, connection to culture and cultural identity. We work with participants encouraging them to give back to the community through volunteering which develops the young person’s skills and enhances the young person’s self-confidence and self-worth. Saltbush also offers support through education and knowledge creating positive pathways to success.

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