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Big Changes for Saltbush

Nicole Shackcloth.jpg

Saltbush Social Enterprises is pleased to announce the appointment of Nicole Shackcloth as CEO.


Nicole, an Aboriginal woman from Tebrakunna country, north-east Tasmania is a founding staff member of Saltbush, and as Chief Operating Officer has guided the development of the organisation from its inception and been instrumental in shaping Saltbush to become an agent for real social change.


With her dedicated, professional and passionate team, Nicole continues to strengthen relationships with all stakeholders to ensure we are able to provide client-centred services well into the future as we follow our mission of building Indigenous capacity and capability in our community.


In other moves to strengthen the focus and governance of Saltbush we are delighted to welcome two new Indigenous Board members, Renee Long and Rayleen Brown.


Both Renee and Rayleen have a wealth of experience in working to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of the Northern Territory and each brings their own special experience, skillsets and passion to the Board. Their current and well-practiced understanding of community concerns and the cultural impact of the services Saltbush offers will be key in determining our future and we are looking forward to their vital contributions.

As an impact driven Aboriginal organisation, Saltbush continues to play an increasingly important role in ensuring the grass roots voices of those we serve are heard.

In another change, Sarah Hickey who with Amanda Swift and Karen Sheldon founded Saltbush with the vision that ‘a person with a job is a person with a future” recently announced her resignation from the Board to focus on family and other interests.  Sarah has made many personal sacrifices to ensure Saltbush has had the best possible start as a well-structured and well-governed NFP organisation and has distinguished herself as a shrewd and astute overseer of the organisation. She leaves with the confidence that Saltbush is in good hands to grow and provide ever more valuable services to the community.

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