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Saltbush Social Enterprises (Saltbush) is a not-for-profit organisation that was developed in response to the critical need for grass roots opportunities that can create prosperity parity for marginalised Territorians.

In 2017, this fledgling charity was established by a group of passionate Territorian business women, led by Karen Sheldon AM, who saw a desperate need to provide targeted services to some of Australia’s most disadvantaged people.

Today, as an Indigenous organisation, Saltbush focuses on advancement through building capacity and capability to self-determine by improving opportunities for education, training and employment.  We work hard to deliver the vital missing links in the ‘chain of change’ to create prosperity parity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people throughout the Northern Territory. 

Saltbush believes that a person with a job is a person with a future and our practices are underpinned by an orientation that focuses on an individual’s resilience and their capacity to grow and change.

We tailor flexible services in local communities with a ‘boots on the ground’ philosophy to ensure we deliver local solutions to local Indigenous challenges.

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