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Big Changes for Karen Sheldon Employment Services...

On the 1st of July 2019, the Employment Services Division of the Karen Sheldon Group will be transitioning to not-for-profit, Saltbush Social Enterprises (Saltbush) as a new division; Saltbush Employment Services. Saltbush Employment Services will deliver our VTEC (Vocational Training and Employment Centre) Program.

This transition will be a huge step in ensuring employment programs are cost-effective, focussed and successful in achieving positive outcomes for the Aboriginal people and communities we work with.

Karen Sheldon Group is intrinsically linked to Saltbush Social Enterprises as the organisation’s creator. The Directors have a strong connection to the organisation, and a true sense of ownership after many years of dedication and hard work to develop the programs and projects that it is now charged with managing. They recognise though, that for the organisation to achieve its mission it needs to grow from its foundations. 

Karen Sheldon Group will focus on its core business of catering and continue to develop its training services, particularly those aligned to the hospitality sector. It will remain a key delivery partner to Saltbush Social Enterprises, developing training programs in partnership with them, and providing delivery of accredited and non-accredited hospitality training for programs like Future Stars and AACE.

Saltbush Social Enterprises will mature as an independent organisation with majority Aboriginal control through membership fostering Indigenous solutions for Indigenous challenges.

With strategic goals in place to develop robust governance frameworks, Saltbush will grow its funded project portfolio, raise public funds for projects, increase the diversity and expertise of the Board of Management and develop purposeful membership opportunities. 

Saltbush Social Enterprises will continue to work with Karen Sheldon Group to create innovative employment pathways for Indigenous Australians.

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