Saltbush Employment Services aims to provide Indigenous employment and training opportunities that assist jobseekers to transition from welfare dependence towards sustainable employment.

Saltbush responds to identified critical service gaps by offering practical, innovative solutions through employment, training, counselling & intensive mentoring.

As the Northern Territory’s first VTEC (Vocational Training and Employment Centre), we have employment centres in Darwin, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Elliott.

 The VTEC model was originally piloted by Generation One and then adopted by The Australian Government in 2014. 

The basis of VTEC is that an employer guarantees employment for an indigenous person that meets certain entry requirements.  As a VTEC provider, Saltbush then identifies suitable job seekers to fill the position and then helps prepare the jobseeker to meet the entry requirements.



Saltbush has many years’ experience throughout the Territory in developing grassroots mentoring techniques specifically designed to assist highly disadvantaged Indigenous jobseekers to transition from generational welfare into a working future.

Saltbush provides at least six months intensive mentoring to assist new employees to settle into their working lifestyle. Mentors provide pro-active mentoring and life coaching, always looking for potential problems before they arise.


Mentors work closely with employers, especially line managers, to ensure the new employee is fitting in.

Some support services offered by our mentors include;
● Planning daily transport (looking at and trialing different options)

● Developing forward planning and time management skills;
● Induction and familiarisation with new surroundings;
● Ensuring skills transfer occurs in a culturally competent manner;
● Developing workplace reliability and a work ethic;
● Practicing problem-solving techniques;

● Family counseling to assist family and friends to acknowledge and accept the new responsibilities the employee now has;
● Personal budgeting and money management; developing a savings plan;
● Referrals to other specialised support agencies as required;
● Practical life skills advice, health, and personal safety;
● Suggest and set up peer support and/or Buddy if appropriate. This can be a powerful
way of the new employee gaining acceptance and confidence in the workplace.




Saltbush Employment Services specialises in working with employers to develop their Indigenous workforce by supporting their new employees.


We are a FREE service that can work intensively with an organisation's new Indigenous staff for their first 6 months to help them settle in.


The comprehensive support services we can offer includes;

● Providing transport assistance during the early stages of employment whilst planning suitable transport options;

● Developing forward planning, time management, problem-solving and employability skills;

● Support with inductions and further upskilling;

● Developing workplace loyalty, reliability, and work ethic;

● Working with family to acknowledge the new responsibilities of employment;

● Personal budgeting, money management, and developing a savings plan;

● Referrals to other specialised support agencies where needed;

● Assistance to build self-esteem, competence, and confidence in the workplace.