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About Saltbush Membership

Saltbush membership brings together like minded individuals to provide access and opportunities to be part of Saltbush Social Enterprises (Saltbush) programs, mission and vision.

We encourage and seek strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander membership to elevate lived experience and further support our work.

Engaging through membership can create opportunities and synergies within our community, and help us to deliver meaningful, long-term outcomes.


Membership to Saltbush is open to any individual that supports the values and mission of the organisation.

Saltbush members agree to:

  • support Saltbush Social Enterprises to achieve its objectives;

  • contribute wherever possible to improving the lives of disadvantaged people in our community;

  • act ethically and with integrity, decency and respect;

  • not be involved in corrupt or unlawful practices, discrimination or similar inappropriate behaviour;

  • show respect for the diverse range of people and cultures; and

  • refrain from making unauthorised representations on behalf of Saltbush Social Enterprises.


Membership Benefits

There is no cost to becoming a member. We keep our members up to date with the work we are doing and provide opportunities to be involved where possible.


We host member only events from time to time and we invite members to other events they might enjoy or network at.

Member Rights & Obligations

Members may attend any member meetings or events as notified.

There is no obligation to attend a minimum number of meetings or participate in any activities.

Members vote on matters such as appointment of Directors and changes to the Constitution. Most decisions are made once a year at the Annual General Meeting. We encourage members to provide their vote on matters when it is required.

Apply for Membership

Do you identify as:

You may be asked to provide evidence of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage. 

Prefered method of correspondence:
By applying for membership, you acknowledge that you support the objectives of Saltbush and agree to comply with the organisation’s constitution.
Application Validation

In considering your application, we require an endorsement from an existing member of Saltbush.

Thank you for your application! Your application will be reviewed by the Board of Management and you will be advised of the outcome within 5 weeks.

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