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The Saltbush Wellbeing Program

Saltbush’s Wellbeing Program is a free service designed to deliver informal, easily accessible and culturally appropriate support to empower a positive understanding and attitude towards better life choices.

Who is the program for?

The program is targeted to people who recognise that they are struggling with low intensity mental health issues, including those who are:

  • suffering from multiple life challenges and barriers including isolation, anger, depression, domestic violence, or low self-worth;

  • disengaged from meaningful purpose;

  • presenting at-risk behaviours;

  • experiencing grief, bereavement or a sense of loss; or

  • struggling with motivation, distress tolerance, managing worries or understanding emotions.

How are the sessions structured?

People wanting assistance through the Wellbeing Program will have the option of participating in either (or both), Group or One-on-One sessions.

Where is the program available?

The Saltbush Wellbeing Group Sessions are available in both Darwin and Alice Springs as well as the individual ‘face to face’ sessions.

Remote community participants can also be catered to via internet-based communication for individual sessions. Enquiries can also be made about the individual counselling service available in Tennant Creek.

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